Sommer's Tiny Set of Hearts Necklace

Ruusk Tiny Set of Hearts Necklace

Sommer contacted us when she was pregnant with her second child with the idea to create a beautiful piece to celebrate her two precious children.

When Valentine was born, we created Sommer's personalised set of hearts. A red ruby for Valentine and a diamond for her first son Nico. Both were laser engraved with her son's initials. Tiny heirlooms to keep her boys forever close to her heart. 

We are delighted to share Sommer’s gorgeous story with you.

Tell us about your special piece and how it is linked to Nico and Valentine?

Hearts have long been a significant symbol for me, anatomical or graphic, particularly when it comes to jewellery. When I saw your Tiny Hearts Necklace I knew immediately it was the piece to commemorate the birth of my second son. Being a set of two hearts meant there could be one for each of my boys, always together, always close to my heart. That made it extra perfect. I chose a diamond and ruby as both represent love, in different ways. Two boys, very different but equally loved.

Ruusk Heart Necklace

How did you feel when you saw your necklace for the first time?

It doesn't always happen that you purchase something online and when it arrives it's even better than you expected! I put it straight on and have never taken it off.

What is a favourite memory you have of you and your boys?

When we brought Valentine home from hospital Nico was just bursting with happiness. He wanted to hold him straight away and tell him he loved him. When Val cried Nico looked at me and said 'Mumma, I think he wants some milk'. A total pro from the start!

Ruusk Motherhood Story

What knowledge and life lessons would you like to pass down to your sons?

I would just like for my sons to be happy, it's that simple. I want them to go into adult life as stable, healthy and happy as possible. They'll achieve whatever they want if they have that.

Ruusk Tiny Hearts Necklace

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