Salon Kaia x RUUSK

RUUSK Handmade rings AustraliaOn Campbell St in Wollongong, you will find newly opened Salon Kaia, a hair sanctuary by the sea. And at the helm is Maria and Lee, mothers, lovers of nice things and females who promote the importance of self-worth amongst family commitments. Embodying total self-care within a hair salon experience, Kaia was designed with the everyday woman in mind. 

Inspired by Maria and Lee's attitude to deliver a feel good experience, nurturing ones whole self, we were absolutely thrilled to have collaborated on their recent sea-side campaign shoot. We are so excited to share the story behind Kaia, and lovely ladies Lee and Maria. 

What prompted you to open Salon Kaia?

Lee is originally from Wollongong and found her way back home. I soon followed after deciding it was time for a sea change outside the rat race of Sydney. Lee found an incredible space for a salon, and I thought it was a great idea. I always wanted to scale what I've built at Salon Kiin but knew I couldn’t do it on my own. Our biggest focus is how our guests feel. We are both busy mums, and know what is appreciated and needed in a salon experience. With the help of our incredible Marketing Manager at Salon Kiin, Kati Catanzaro, we set out to produce a premium salon experience that not only delivers high-end hair, but a feel good experience that nurtures your whole self.RUUSK Handmade rings AustraliaRUUSK Handmade rings AustraliaWhat is the ethos behind the salon?

It’s a journey of self-care. A hair appointment can be another thing we have to fit into our busy schedules, but we want our guests to intentionally put time aside for themselves because it makes them feel good.RUUSK Handmade rings AustraliaRUUSK Handmade rings AustraliaLee, what do you love most about Maria? 

Maria is inspiringly ambitious and has a generous disposition. She is always willing to share her knowledge, yet always ready to learn. When we work together; magic happens! I'm so grateful to be on this journey together.

And Maria, what do you love most about Lee?

She has incredible tenacity, and  to be empathic and nurturing. She’s amazingly patient with me haha. There’s no stopping her. She’s not scared of hard, persistent work. I’m lucky to have her as my equal at Kaia. RUUSK Handmade rings AustraliaArt Direction: Cinema Thom   @cinema_thom

Photographer: Brogan Chidley | @broganchidley

Make up: Vanessa Collins  |  @vanessacollins

Hair: Salon Kaia  |  @Salonkaia

Model: Romy Klerks and Isabelle Impala | @romyveronica + @isabelleimpala

RUUSK pieces featured throughout: Organic Asymmetrical Earrings, Organic Bangle and RUUSK Charm necklace (coming soon!)

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