October Birthstone Tourmaline

And just like that, it's already October! Where has this year gone?!

The birthstone for this month is the beautifully bright and colourful gemstone, Tourmaline. To get to know this very special stone a little more, here are six interesting facts about this gem:

1. Tourmaline means 'mixed gems' in Sinhalese. Most commonly, this stone is pink or green, however the rarer stones can come in nearly every colour of the rainbow.

2. Tourmaline wasn't originally recognised as its own stone and, up until the 1800s, it was often mistaken for other colourful stones such as Emerald or Topaz. In fact, when the stone was first discovered in 1554, the Spanish explorer who found it thought it was an Emerald.

3. Tourmaline becomes electrically charged when heated or squeezed under intense pressure.

4. There is a Watermelon Tourmaline that is green on the outside and a bright pink on the inside!

5. This stone is believed to be a highly spiritual stone and has healing properties and energies that resonate with the different Chakras in your body. As well as strengthening the body and spirit, it is said to boost creativity.

6. Tourmaline is one of the most sought out gems in the world! While Tourmaline is classified as a semi-precious stone, there are some varieties that are rarer and more valuable than Diamonds. The Paraiba Tourmaline, a bright electric blue colour of stone, is so rare that for every ten thousand diamonds found in the world, only one Parabia Tourmaline is discovered!

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