Tom & Brodee's Weddings Rings

It was such a pleasure to be involved in Tom & Brodee's forever pieces including a special Tiny Heart of Gold that was gifted to Brodee by Tom on their special day. A beautiful sentiment that we're sure she will cherish forever! We are so thrilled to be sharing their love story with you. 

How did you meet?

We met at a local pub in Newcastle called the Clarendon at a friends going away party. We spent the night talking, and laughing together, and I doubled Brodee from pub to pub on my pushbike. (I even doubled her home on my bike) After that night we were just obsessed with each other and decided we were perfect for each other.

What are your star signs?
Tom – Sagittarius
Brodee – Leo

What did you love most about your wedding?
Tom - The one thing that we loved hands down was that it was a big long beach holiday with all of the most important people in our lives that we love the most, it just so happened there was a wedding in the middle. Everyone came away with us for a week, and even though it was stressful leading up to the wedding organising so much, we got to unwind and catch up with all of our friends and families for many days after.
Brodee – as corny as it sounds, the wedding day was one of the best days of my life. It was so emotional, fun and such a fun party. It was amazing to have all of our loved ones celebrating us in one of our favourite places.

Brodee, Tom surprised you with a Tiny Heart of Gold on your wedding day. How did you feel receiving that special gift?
This was such a beautiful surprise. We had not discussed wedding gifts and after opening the jewellery box I immediately exclaimed “Oh no, I didn’t get Tom anything!”. There are photos of me wiping away my tears and my bridesmaid adding the heart to my necklace. I haven’t taken it off since the wedding. I love it.

Tom & Brodee's Wedding Rings

Rose Gold Shimmer Thin Organic Ring & Small Signet Ring

How did you find your experience with RUUSK?
We absolutely loved our experience with RUUSK!!! Our rings are beautifully crafted and are so special to us, but the way in which we were looked after by the team and Stef made it feel even better. Selecting rings online during a Covid lockdown had its challenges, especially for Brod trying to match something with her engagement ring. We were provided with a number of different options and being able to discuss each with Stef and see lots of photos and videos was so helpful. The first time we tried them on we were in love with both of the rings. Stef was able to make sure our rings were made and delivered well before we went away on our wedding holiday, which was tricky because it was not a lot of time left! She managed to smooth over the team and we are so glad she was able to do that for us! She was amazing!!

Tom & Brodee's Wedding Rings

What excites you most about your next chapter of life together?
We are so excited to keep enjoying our lives just the way we like it with our dog Annie; full of beach days, surfing, fishing, camping and hopefully starting a little family. We would love to do some more travelling together overseas, but we will just have to enjoy our school holidays at home together for now and make the most of the times we spend together and with family and friends.

Tom & Brodee's Wedding Rings

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Photographer: Chris Guy Photography
Wedding dress designer: Grace Loves Lace

Flowers: Wild Forager Design
Celebrant: Wed By Steph 

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