Birthstones are a beautiful way to connect your, or a loved one’s, birth month with a very special stone. An ancient idea and practice, birthstones sign a specific gemstone to each month of the year. In Eastern culture, birthstones are more closely tied to astrology and the signs of the zodiac. Whereas in Hinduism, a special astrological chart recommends specific gemstones a person should wear to safeguard themselves throughout life based on the time of birth.

All of our very special pieces can be personalised with birthstones to encourage meaningful connections with your treasured piece. So, to make things easy, we have put together our list of birthstones we love working with.  

January - Garnet

When worn, Garnet is believed to bring a sense of calm and peace of mind. And according to Indian astrology, a garnet will eliminate feelings of depression, instill greater self-confidence and offer mental clarity.

February - Amethyst

Usually a cool or bluish purple tone, Amethyst brings power and clear-headedness to the wearer. In fact, Camillo Leonardi, Italian astronomer and astrologer (1451 - 1550) wrote that amethyst quickens intelligence and removes evil thoughts.

March - Aquamarine

A light to dark blue colour, Aquamarine’s qualities are heavily derived from the ocean, with connections to the sky’s reflection on the sea surface. Known to clarify perception, sharpen the intellect and clear confusion, Aquamarine allows an individual to face themselves head-on. 

April - Diamond

The word ‘diamond’ is derived from the Greek word ‘adamas’ which means invincible, unbreakable or unconquerable. Unsurprisingly, diamonds have come to represent endurance, eternal love, strength and power.

May - Emerald

Called the “Stone of Successful Love,” an emerald is thought to nurture the heart chakra. Its soothing energy provides emotional healing, bringing freshness and vitality to the spirit.

June - Alexandrite

A bluish-green tone, those who wear Alexandrite are said to receive good fortune. Perhaps because Alexandrite enables you to strive towards excellence by increasing your discipline and self-control. 

July - Ruby

Considered a source of harmony, Ruby is one of the most historically significant coloured stones. In Sanskrit, Ruby is called Ratnaraj, or “King of Precious Stones,” and is associated with the qualities of passion, health, success and wisdom. 

August - Peridot 

A light to rich, warm green, Peridot is believed to bring purity. It's also thought to bring good health, restful sleep and peace to relationships, doing so by bringing positive energy and balancing emotions. 

September - Sapphire

Sapphire comes in every colour, although blue is the most traditional choice. Sapphires are often associated with mystical powers and in ancient times, it was believed Sapphires protected from evil. This stone is also believed to bring gifts of fulfilment, joy, prosperity, inner peace and beauty.

October Green or Pink Tourmaline

Highly spiritual, Pink or Green Tourmaline is believed to have healing properties and energies that resonate with the different Chakras in your body. As well as strengthening the body and spirit, it is said to boost creativity.

November Citrine and Blue Topaz

Those born in November have not one, but two birthstones to choose from: Citrine and Blue Topaz

Citrine, a warm yellow-orange, has come to symbolise the sun’s energy. Providing warm and comforting emotions whilst encouraging fresh beginnings and new pursuits.

Topaz, a light to dark blue, is believed to bring prosperity when worn. Reportedly, topaz attracts good fortune, money and wealth, especially in the form of gold!

December - Tanzanite

A light lilac to a velvety, purplish blue, Tanzanite is said to facilitate higher consciousness and perception, helping an individual compare how they live and how they could live more mindfully. 

Here are some of our favourite examples of how you can incorporate a birthstone into your very special piece:

Solid Gold Jewellery made in Australia Our Mini Solitaire with hidden pink tourmaline to represent a loved partnerSolid Gold Jewellery made in AustraliaCitrine and emerald Guardian Pendant to celebrate two cherished childrenSolid Gold Jewellery made in AustraliaA very special pair of matching peridot Classic Signet RingsSolid Gold Jewellery made in Australia

Tiny Signet with Aquamarine, Clear Diamond and Citrine, each to represent a loved family member

Did you know? You can personalise many of our pieces with yours or a loved one's birthstone. Shop and customise your piece here or contact us to talk about incorporating a birthstone into your unique, handmade heirloom.

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